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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on promoting health and well being by enabling individuals to perform meaningful and purposeful activities across many facets of life.

Many patients wonder what makes Occupational Therapy different than Physical Therapy. Occupational therapist usually do not treat a patient’s injury using physical therapy techniques but rather assists with optimizing independence and improving the client’s ability to accomplish daily tasks and activities after sustaining an injury, or in any situation of physical impairment.

Occupational Therapy Services include:


An Occupational Therapist will perform an on-site assessment of the patient’s home environment. With this assessment, the occupational therapist can offer recommendations on how to suitably adapt the places you spend the most time, to allow for a better quality of life. Our occupational therapists at Renew Home Health are trained to modify physical environments, in addition to training patients to use assistive equipment. Combined, the goal is to increase overall independence.

Renew Home Health is happy to answer your questions and concerns about Occupational Therapy. Contact us to hear about the benefits of Occupational Therapy and how this in-home service can help you to regain mobility and independence, return to work, and to reclaim the lifestyle you want to maintain.