How long can I receive home health services and why would my services end?


Upon admission, the physician will establish a 60 day plan of care. Towards the end of the 60 days, a RN will reevaluate your need for further home health care. If you continue to require services, you can be recertified for another 60 day period. Traditional Medicare does not have a limit on how long you can receive home health care. If you meet traditional Medicare criteria, your home health services can continue for as long as you need them.

Once again, If you have a Medicare replacement or private insurance policy, you will need to refer to your policy for any preauthorization needs or benefit limits.

Your services will end when your goals are met, you no longer have a skilled need and/or you are no longer homebound. The agency will give you a minimum of 5 days discharge notice. Of course, you or your physician may request discharge at any time.


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