How much does home health care cost?


Traditional Medicare does not require preauthorization for home health care and all the services provided are covered at 100%. That means no deductible, no copay and no out of pocket expense for the traditional Medicare recipient. If you have traditional Medicare, you will not receive any bills from Renew Home Health or Medicare regarding your home health services. It is also important to note that traditional Medicare imposes no limit to your home health benefit. Therefore, there is no need to worry that using your home health care benefit now will prohibit you from receiving home health care services in the future.

If you have a Medicare replacement or private insurance policy, you will need to refer to your policy to establish any deductibles, copays or maximum benefit amounts that may apply.

Many Medicare replacement and private insurance policies also require preauthorization for treatment. In these cases, the agency will provide a report to your insurance provider and request authorization for your care. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always agree with the physician’s recommendations for home health care services. In those cases, the agency will do everything we can to provide you high quality care within the service limits imposed by your insurance provider. If you wish to receive care outside of those service limits, we can provide that care to you at your cost.


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